Overdraft Protection

Overdrafts can happen. 

That’s why we offer two convenient forms of protection if your personal checking account should become overdrawn. You can elect to use one or both of the options outlined below.



Enroll in Radius Bank's Linked Protection Program and you can link up to three accounts to your personal checking account for overdraft protection. 1 Personal accounts eligible for providing overdraft protection include:

  • Checking
  • Savings
  • Money Market Account
  • Line of Credit


If you are a current client and would like to enroll your accounts in our Linked Protection service, please download our Overdraft Protection Agreement form. If you agree to the terms and conditions of this service, please print, sign and return the original copy to us. Instructions are included on the form.


There is no annual or per transfer fee associated with Linked Protection from a checking, savings or money market account to cover an overdraft. Transfers may only take place if there is sufficient funds in the linked account(s) to cover the amount of the overdraft. If a line of credit is used for protection, fees may apply.

Overdraft Protection Line of Credit


Safeguard yourself from overdraft fees by linking this service to your personal checking account. Automatically access funds up to your available credit limit whenever your checking account balance falls below $0. 1


If you already have a personal checking account with us, you can apply online!


 If you do not currently have a personal checking account, you can apply for the line of credit after opening a personal checking account.


There is no annual fee for this service. Fees apply in the form of interest charges when the line of credit is used for overdraft coverage. 

Service, credit limit and APR are all subject to credit approval. Credit limit will be determined during the application process. 

1 Overdraft protection is provided up to the available balance in the protection account for the amount of the overdraft. If funds pulled from an account cause that account balance to fall below the pre-established minimum to avoid fees, the account may be charged a maintenance fee. Radius Bank will only conduct one (1) daily transfer to cover the overdrawn amount. Under Federal Law, only six (6) pre-authorized transactions from a Savings or Money Market Account are permitted per statement period. Excess transfers may result in cancellation of service and possible closing of the protection account.