Abandoned Property$50.00 (per account)
Canadian Item Collection$7.00
Daily OD Fee1$5.00 (a day)
Deposited Item Rev2$8.00
Dormant Service Charge3$5.00 (per month)
Expedited ATM Card$35.00
Expedited Debit Card$35.00
Foreign Item Collection$30.00
Money Order$3.00
Overdraft Fee4$25.00 (per item)
Research$25.00 (hourly)
Returned Item Fee4$25.00 (per item)
Stop Payment$25.00
Treasurer’s Check$8.00
Domestic Wire In$10.00
Domestic Wire Out$20.00
International Wire In$10.00
International Wire Out$40.00

Fees effective as of

1 Daily Overdraft (OD) Fee begins on the 5th calendar day after first overdraft item and continues for 30 calendar days if the account remains in a negative balance.

2 Deposited Item Reversal (Rev).

3 Only applies to personal checking accounts that have been inactive for 12 consecutive months.

4 Individual overdrafted items of $5.00 or less will not be charged a fee.