Direct Deposit

Instant access, reliably convenient

Automatically deposit paychecks, pensions, tax returns and more into checking or saving accounts at Radius Bank in just three easy steps.

1. Download our direct deposit form

Fill out the form with your bank account number and Radius Bank routing number: 211075086.

You can find your bank account number in your Online and Mobile Banking account by selecting the Preferences tab and clicking Manage Account Preferences. Or, you can locate it in the upper right-hand corner of your paper statement.

2. Notify payroll 

Submit your completed form to your company’s human resources department.

Please note: some employers may also require you to submit a voided check or fill out their own direct deposit application.

3. Review your account

Log in to your Radius Online and Mobile Banking account to verify your paycheck has been deposited.

Please note: It may take two or more payment cycles for your paycheck to automatically deposit.

Download our direct deposit form here


Direct deposit helps you save

Did you know you can split your direct deposit across multiple accounts? Send a specific amount (or percentage) of incoming funds to your checking account and the rest will automatically go to the savings account of your choice.

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