Changes to Personal Deposit Account Agreement

Summary of Updates to the

Personal Deposit Account Agreement/Terms and Conditions

On 5/17/2018, the minimum amount to open the following accounts increased from $10.00 to $100.00: Radius Checking, Radius Hybrid Checking, and Radius High-Yield Savings accounts.

– May 2017 –

Please note that all references of Rebound Checking below and in the full Personal Deposit Account Agreement/Terms and Conditions also apply to Essential Checking. On 7/31/2017, Rebound Checking underwent a name change to become Essential Checking. All terms and conditions continue to apply.

Terms and conditions Changes/Updates
  • Addition of impacts from the Military Lending Act (MLA)
  • Removal of reference to business/commercial accounts throughout document
  • Agreement section updated
  • Removal of Chapter 167D Account information
  • Removal of Authorized Signer information
  • Updated Payment Order of Items
  • Removal of Early Withdrawal Penalties information
  • Removal of service fee language for Address or Name Changes
  • Updated language under ACH and Wire Transfers
  • Updated Facsimile Signature language
  • Update language under Transactions by Mail

Electronic Fund Transfers Changes/Updates
  • Updated language under Electronic Funds Transfers Initiated by Third Parties to include Money Market
  • Removed Your Option to Limit Cash Withdrawals
  • Under Preauthorized Payments – updated language in Notice of varying amounts
  • Updates to Mastercard® logo and branding

Your Ability to Withdraw Funds (Funds Availability)
  • Descriptor of "proprietary" before ATM to indicate proper funds availability
  • Insertion of Rebound Checking account availability information
  • Under Special Rules for New Accounts – addition of ATM in the last sentence

Substitute Checks and Your Rights
  • Enhanced first paragraph for better consumer understanding of substitute checks

Truth in Savings Changes/Updates
  • Removal of the Gradifi Rewards Checking Account product
  • Added in Additional Features of the Rebound Checking account product:
    • Additional Features – Mobile check deposit limit of $1,000.00 per day; mobile check deposit limits of $2,000.00 per 10 days. Daily debit card limit of $250.00 for the first 30 days and will increase to $500.00 on day 31. Daily debit card limit includes all transactions including ATM withdrawals, mobile wallet payments, Pay a Friend, etc.
  • Removal of minimum balance requirement for Statement Savings and Union Advantage Savings products
  • Removal of the Passbook Savings and Holiday Club Account products
  • Removal of Checkin Printing Notice under Common Features

See the full Personal Deposit Account Terms and Conditions here.