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Who we are

Radius Bank is a progressive, full-service bank that provides products and services for a wide range of clients nationwide. We are continually looking for new partners to launch innovative and disruptive technology and product offerings that meet the ever-evolving banking needs of consumers and businesses.

What we do

Radius strives to align itself with forward-thinking FinTech companies and pioneering entrepreneurs to bring improved - or radically new - financial offerings to the public that drive convenience and value for users. We have developed and launched a number of successful partnerships with companies including LevelUp, a leader in mobile payments, and SmarterBucks, a division of SimpleTuition that helps people pay down student loan debt faster. With these and future relationships, Radius Bank is leading the charge in innovation within the banking industry.

Contact Us

Whether you are looking to launch a new banking product or enhance a current offering, we have a skilled team in place that can help you achieve your goals. Focusing on the creation and implementation of strategic partnerships, our mission is to assure current and future clients have best-in-class banking technology at their fingertips. To learn more about how we can partner together, please contact:

Jeff Nowicki
AVP | Partnerships Manager 

Radius Bank has a proven track record of partnering with like-minded companies and building creative solutions that drive value, including:
  • Aspiration
    Our newest partnership recently launched with Aspiration Partners LLC, an online investment firm whose mission is to open the doors of investment opportunity to all and give access to the financial tools that have historically been out of reach. Through our joint efforts we have created a new industry-leading checking account, the Aspiration Summit Account, which is currently being offered exclusively by Aspiration through their website. This new product features a top-of-the-market interest rate, unlimited ATM rebates and no minimum monthly balances. Learn more at
  • LevelUp
    We teamed up with LevelUp to launch Radius Pay, an industry-leading mobile payments app, in June 2013. Learn more at
  • SmarterBucks / Gradifi
    We partnered with SmarterBucks in September 2014 to provide the only debit card rewards programs that helps pay down student loan debt. 

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