Escrow Services

We have Escrow experts for all your transactional needs

At Radius Bank, we understand the importance of safeguarding assets and mitigating risk for your business transactions. Escrow arrangements are a smart solution to protect your assets until a transaction is successfully completed.

Our trusted escrow team will act as an independent third party to your transaction, helping you develop a transaction structure that will work best for you. Your dedicated agent will hold assets within the escrow account and oversee the timely and secure disbursement of funds as laid out in your agreement.

Radius can provide tailored agreements for a variety of escrows, or work with your preexisting agreement.

Transactions Types include:
  • Real Estate
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Litigation
  • Insurance
  • Environmental
  • Capital Markets
  • Private Equity
  • Standby Trusts
  • Project Finance
  • and more!
Our Escrow Services include:
  • Online account access and electronic statements
  • Master and sub-accounting capabilities
  • Streamlined account opening process
  • Standard agreements for a variety of escrow transactions

To open an escrow account, or for additional information about our escrow solutions, please contact:

Roni Gannon

VP | Regional Sales & Escrow Manager

*Email sent to this address is not secure. Please refrain from including personal or account information.